Spring update : improving Floorplans

It has been some time since you’ve heard from us. We’re happy to mention some improvements and updates of the Floorplanner tool. Lately, we’ve been working hard on improving Roomstyler and Floorplanner simultaneously.

New drawing features

We added some little details that could matter for a lot of our users.
1) Rotate your entire plan at a custom angle. This is ideal for drawing plans with rooms at an angle, like the one displayed.
2) The option to get the total floor area of your plan. You can see in one go the total square size of all your auto-generated rooms, and also of your custom surfaces. We’ve had the option in m2 for some time now, but now we also added the option in square feet.
3) Extra assets. The last months we’ve added plumbing symbols, server- and network equipment, a tennis court and an indoor soccer field. Also we improved the look of some assets like our TV screens.

Tutorials & Tricks

We started a series of tutorial movies in which we explain how to draw in Floorplanner. Every now and then we will add a new movie showing some new tricks or features to get the plans you need.

Also, we added some documents with Tips and Tricks on several subjects. For instance: How to draw an Attic, How to add a legend, Repairing your floorplan We’re glad to see that since then, the quality of attic plans has been visibly improved, and we see more and more people using floorplanner for electric- and plumbing plans with a legend explaining all the symbols.

Czech version!

In january we released a Czech version! We hope to bring all the floorplanner goodness to the Czech- and the Slovak republic. Thanks to our dedicated translators!

If you want to hear about our latest features or see the amazing plans our users are making, just like our facebook page. For questions or feedback, please visit our forum

Thursday, April 3, 2014   ()

Black and white style

Over the years we have seen a growing number of properties that are presented online with a colorful, interactive floorplan made with Floorplanner. However a lot of floorplans are still printed on paper and in many cases this is in black & white and for this a more “cleaner” look helps readability. We have provided a black & white export option for some time now but as we are always looking to improve things we are rolling out some improvements that will make it even easier to create a more technical 2D look for your floorplans. Some of the things we recently added are:

-a collection of black and white furnishing items to our libraries
-simple doors and windows
-hatch patterns for your floors
-a black and white export option
-the option to turn off shadows

Check out this plan as an example:

Or, with a subtle color:

We will be improving things further in the near future. Think about:
-more black and white items
-more hatches for your floors
-easier pdf/image export
-a small tutorial on how to get the best black and white look

To get black and white furnishing items, do a search for “blackandwhite” in the sidebar. toggle the grey buttons next to the search bar to get the topviews

We’ll keep you posted!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013   ()

The spotlight on our partners

More and more companies are using Floorplanner to draw professional floorplans for real estate agents and other clients. The quality of these partners and the plans they create is growing on a daily basis.

To promote our floor plan producing partners and make it easier for real estate agents to find a suitable partner we launched our new Partner page. On this page you’ll find professionals that can make quality floor plans for you , pretty much anywhere in the world.

For partners and future partners

If you’re reading this and thinking: ‘Hey, I want to be on this partner list too!’, here’s what you need: You need at least a Floorplanner Partner account. Then, contact us to be on this list. You can use our contact form for more info.
Partners will show up in our list in a random order on for each pageview.

Monday, November 19, 2012 — 8 notes   ()

Making a Legend

Here’s how you can make a legend with the items from our library.

1) Search for ‘Legend’ in the sidebar. You’ll get a bunch of items that can be handy for creating legends.
2) Drag a surface or border onto your plan. You can give it any color you like.

3) Find the A in the construction menu. Drag Text objects from here onto your surface for the title and description.
4) We have letters A-Z and numbers 0-9 to help you indicate an item.
5) Search for ‘symbols’, ‘electrical’, ‘emergency’ etc to get any other symbols you may need.

6) Type ‘Balloon’ or ‘Labels’ and you’ll find objects to give your remarks or descriptions a nice border.

I hope this was useful!
Want to have this for later use? Download the mini-manual Making a Legend.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012   ()

Drawing an Attic

Do you want to draw your attic in Floorplanner? We explain step-by-step how you do this in our trips & tricks, including setting wall heights, drawing a roof and adding windows.

It’s a bit too long for our blog, so check out the manual here and go along planning! If you’re still struggling after going through these pages, just post on our forum and we’ll try to be of assistance.

Attic Manual

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 — 1 note   ()

Gift Certificate


Are your friends moving to a new house?
Is your uncle starting a restaurant?
Want to welcome the new owners of your house?
Or maybe your partner talks and talks about redesigning the garden but just doesn’t get started…

Floorplanner Plus might just be the perfect gift for your friends to enjoy their (new) space in the best possible way. It lets them visualise their interior ideas in an easy, stunning and convincing fashion.

For only € 9,95 they can! With the Floorplanner Gift account you give someone all Plus benefits for one year, including high quality visuals in 2D and 3D and enough project space to keep them busy for a while. And of course, they can draw & share their plans as easy as Floorplanner has always been for that.

Tell me more!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 — 3 notes   ()

Välkommen till floorplanner! (Floorplanner now in Swedish)

Swedish We released a Swedish version of floorplanner! Now Floorplanner is available in 14 languages. We would like to thank a couple of our Swedish users for their help in this. They helped translate about 50% of the entire platform, our web pages, the drawing tool, manuals and the objects in our library. Big thumbs up!

You can switch to your own language in your profile, go to ‘My account’ on your dashboard and change it in your profile. Not logged in, check out the flag in the top right.


There are probably still some errors in our translations. Have you found any errors or untranslated parts in our product or pages or can’t find any furniture items, please let us know through our contact form. Would you like to help us out? You can become a translator and get a Plus account for free!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 — 3 notes   ()

Buy extra projects

Last month we simplified our product range to 3 options: Basic, Plus and Pro, giving users 1, 5 or 180 projects a year.

But what if you just need 1 more project?

Starting this week, you can also buy extra projects for a simple price per project. See the table below:

How does it work?

Go to your dashboard, click on the button to create a project. Only if your project limit is reached, you will get a menu in which you can buy extra projects. Just choose the amount and go ahead to pay.

Clearly, for upgraded users, prices of extra projects are cheaper. Upgrading is also a good deal because you get options to print, export, share and embed the amazing floor plans you made.

Need bigger deals?

If you think you need 500 projects or more per month, please contact us through our contact form.

Monday, August 13, 2012   ()

New design furniture

A while ago we did a poll on what type of furniture you would like to see more. Design furniture was the winner, and doors and windows the close runner up. Today we’re happy to present a fine set of new elements!

We’ve added some classic designs of famous designers like Alvar Aalto and Gijs Bakker, but also more temporary designers like Van Seeveren, Las Palmas bar chairs and some Vitra furniture.

We also created a set of new windows like double hung windows, a more classic segmented one, and a small one for in stairways or bathrooms, etc. We hope you like it and that this will help you to get a better impression of your house.

A set of doors and other elements will follow as we are constantly adding new stuff to our libraries. Happy planning!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 — 2 notes   ()

Magicplan & Floorplanner partner up

We at Floorplanner have been fans of the Magicplan iPhone app since the day it was released. Today we are proud to announce a new partnership between Sensopia/Magicplan and Floorplanner to bring the best of both worlds to floorplan creators worldwide.

So what can you do with this?

The Magicplan application allows you to create a floorplan by just using the camera on your iPhone. As the name suggests the process of just point and click and have an accurate floorplan created automatically for you feels a bit like magic and can be a real time saver to create floorplans for properties that do not have a floorplan yet.

Once you have captured the 2D floorplan within Magicplan 2.1 you can send it to your Floorplanner account where a new project is created that you can further edit, add furniture to and see in realtime 3D. Having your Magicplan floorplan imported into Floorplanner also allows you to created scaled drawings in PDF, export high resolution 3D images or publish your plan online so it can be viewed in an interactive way in both 2D as 3D. All this can be achieved without drawing 1 wall :-)

How can I start?

If you want to try this you can simply go to the iTunes store and install the Magicplan application (or upgrade your existing Magicplan application to the 2.1 version) and use the new share button in the interface. You have to make sure that you are logged into Magicplan with the same emailaddress you are using for your Floorplanner account and you also need to have enough space to create new projects.

Room for improvement

As this is the first version of the Magicplan/Floorplaner integration there might still be some issues so if you run into any bugs or other strange behavior please let us know at support@floorplanner.com and we will fix this.

Friday, May 18, 2012   ()